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Well it seems I have taken on a new project. I was at a health fair on base, and saw a sign for Quilts of Valor at the family services booth. Of course I asked about it, thinking it might be a local group to the national chapter. So I find out there is not a local group. But if I would like to start a group, Family services would be glad to sponsor the program. Well it has been advertised and we start the Vance Chapter of the Quilts of Valor Next Monday at 5:30.

I am picturing just a few people getting together to make charity quilts. Some will bring their own charity projects to work on, others will make squares for the group projects.

Quilts of Valor are for Wounded Vet’s.

Home of the Brave are signature quilts for the parents or spouses of soldiers unable to return.

Please keep me and the new Chapter in your prayers.

Thank you,

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  1. Will do; thank you for caring enough to service our young folks in the military. And, some not so young folks, too!

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