Sick Sick Sick Gross Gross Gross – don’t read if you don’t like talking about vomit!

yeah, I went back to see how long it has been since we went a week without a post, and it was back in June last time.  So let me catch you folk up.

Thursday night Märia went to work (she works thu,fri,sat nights, 12 hour shifts) and Seporah wasn’t feeling very well, kinda tired, but she wouldn’t go to bed and kept saying her tummy hurt.  Anyway, she finally went to bed at like 10, way way past her bedtime of between 720 and 8pm.  I was exhausted myself, and went to bed as well.  About 330am I hear Seporah screaming, so I go and see whats the matter, and she is sitting in the middle of her floor, covered in vomit, and her bed has vomit on it as well.  So I grab her and cuddle her a bit, then she gets a nice bath to clean her up, and then I put her in front of the television so I can get a nice bath too, as I was cuddling a pukey little kid.  =)  She vomits all morning long, until about the time Momma got home, around 7 pm.  I had tried to get a little more sleep, before the vomiting got bad, and she was kinda sad, but didn’t mind trying to sleep in Mommy’s bed, she likes that.  But she just vomited all over me again, and all over the bed, so I changed the sheets and gave us both more baths, and so we sat in front of the TV until Mom got home.

The bad part was I didn’t realize how bad it was until after Felicity got home.  I knew there was some mess on the floor, and a little mess in her bed, but when the sun came up and I went into their room, the whole of the floor was covered in goop, as was Seporah’s bed, as was the area behind the door where the night light is, and the worst part was Felicity was covered in goop, and her whole crib.

I don’t know that Seporah ever actually got any sleep that night.  I think she crawled in with Felicity for some comfort from the pain, and vomited all in there, and sometime was just trying to read or something over by the nightlight and vomited all over there.  Worst part was, when I finally came and got her at 330 am, she wasn’t even mad at me for letting her go flippin crazy all night, making her suffer alone.  She was just so very happy I had finally woken up to her cries.  So we had a full morning of vomiting.  When Momma got home, Seporah finally felt like she could sleep.  She slept from about 8am until 12, and then again from 1 until like 3, something like that.  She slept all day long.

I probably changed 10 or so Diarrhea diapers from Felicity during this sleepy Seporah time. You know, the ones where she is walking around and the gunk is dribbling around, making trails wherever she walks?  Yeah, gross.  So cleaning up that junk and the little girl.  Think is, she was happy as a clam all day, happy and energetic, like she didn’t realize she was sick!

So while we normally go out and swim or go to the zoo or go to the park or something, we ALWAYS go out on the weekends for fun so Mom can sleep, This last Friday and Saturday were stay at home days, to get better.  Then on Sunday I had drill, and Märia got the runs, really bad.  So she had to take care of 2 recovering, but mostly recovered kids, while she was sick as a dog!

And you might wonder why this post is going up at 445am Monday morning.  Yeah, I have been up since 2am, and have been in the bathroom at least 10 times this morning already.  No sleep for me.  I finally got it.

The running joke, well my running joke has been to look at Seporah with a stern look, and tell her it’s all her fault.  She laughs.  Märia doesn’t think it is as funny as I do though.  =)

Forgive my horrible english today, I am not even looking as I type, just a sicky day.

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  1. Oh, so sad! I am so sorry for all of you . . . wish you could all just go to sleep and wake up feeling better.

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