Life Is Beautiful

Well since my musical tastes were bashed on I figured I had to write something and then post an awesome song. Especially since it’s been – count ‘em – 7 days since I posted anything. Holy cow. Seriously though we were all pretty gnarly sick and I was mostly like “oh kill me now.” My posts would have gone something like this – “I shouldn’t be complaining. I know everyone in this house has thrown up and had diarrhea now. But I mean last week I had a patient who literally threw up about 20 times in the first 3 hours of my shift despite zofran, benadryl and ativan. Man, I am really sick of vomit, it’s at my house and at my work and everywhere.” So that’s why I skipped the whole posting business.

Life’s good though. Felicity’s birthday is tomorrow. 2 years old! Can you believe it? My little baby is no longer a baby to anyone else but me. She’s a whiny toddler to everyone else. To me though she’s my little angel. She needs rocked before bedtime. She needs hugs and kisses and loves. She needs snuggles and giggles and tickles. She needs stories read to her. She needs help singing Twinkle Twinkle. She needs her shoes put on and her jacket zipped up. And she needs her picture taken a million times a day.


My Little Baby


My Big Baby

Life is beautiful

But it’s complicated, we barely make it

We don’t need to understand

There are miracles, miracles

Stand where you are

We let these moments pass us by

It’s amazing where I’m standing

There’s a lot that we can give

It’s just ours for a moment

There’s a lot we can give

2 thoughts on “Life Is Beautiful”

  1. Contrary to Märia’s post, grandparents do not fall into the everyone else category. Felicity is our special little loving, fun, beautiful, cute, sugar and spice, and eveything nice granddaughter! Silly Märia!

    Grandkids are perfect…just ask a grandparent!

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