new… shamefully spoken

Sarah and I have been talking about it for a while, and decided that even though some of you know.. eventually the rest of you are going to find out… So this is the official notice to all of you.. judge us.. or whatever..  Sarah and I have good reason to believe it’s a girl and chose to name her bella.  We are telling you now because we do finally have pictures to show of our new addition.  Now obviously these pictures are prearrival,  but I think it’s pretty delightful anyway.  So.. here’s you first glimpse of her.  Don’t judge us.. just love us..

5 thoughts on “new… shamefully spoken”

  1. New additions to the family are always welcome. Just be glad this kind does not require diaper changing and middle of the night feedings.


  2. OK, so you scared me with that wording . . . I guess I am slow on the draw. I was either going to be very excited that #3 daughter was on the way, or I was trying to figure out if Sarah was pregnant . . . but I couldn’t understand the “don’t judge us.” Very cute little doggie – good luck cleaning up HER poop along with everyone else’s! lol Really, Brett and I are planning on getting TWO huge dogs, so I am just preparing myself.

  3. LOL at Lynda… You weren’t slow on the draw… Jason wrote it intentionally so that it would sound like they were pregnant um… early… =) You read it just the way he wanted you to. =)

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