Popcorn and Talking Animals!

So Mommy and Daddy just took me out of the movie theatre and they are so excited that I sat all the way through the movie. I am not quite sure why. They are making a bid deal that the movie wasn’t aminated or something. I think that means that the movie didn’t look like it was made with colors. Don’t they know that it doesn’t matter if the movie is made with colors or with real peoples? All that matters is that there were talking animals! And the yummy popcorn helped too.

2 thoughts on “Popcorn and Talking Animals!”

  1. Seporah:

    I am glad you enjoyed the movie and the popcorn (in my opinion the best part)! Here is a hint for later in life: the more movies you sit all the way through, the more movies mom and dad will take you to.

    However, remember if mom and dad won’t take you, you always have grandma and grandpa! It is our job to spoil you and your sister…

    Love you and Felicity bunches,

    Grandpa Russ

  2. Sure sounds like someone went to see the latest Narnia movie with you! I just saw it myself, and thought the talking badger was pretty cool.

    Love you bunches,
    Grandma Pam

    (BTW: tell your daddy I got my new IMac and it works GREAT!)

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