If I Ever Meet Murphy, I’m Going to Shoot Him in the Head

Murphy’s law states that after waiting 2 months since the last date, after keeping Red Lobster gift certificates in your wallet for 7 weeks, after finally not only getting time off from work for both you and said husband, but also getting a babysitter, the babysitter will call on the phone directly after appetizers and tell you your children are sick, ruining not only your appetite, but also the date.

Murphy’s law also states that after being up all night with 2 sick, crying, unhappy children, after going to Wal-mart at 10pm for medicine, after waking up early to call the doctor’s office early to get an appointment, you will get to the doctor’s office and not only will both children have a perfect temperature, but the cough and runny noses will both have magically disappeared.

One thought on “If I Ever Meet Murphy, I’m Going to Shoot Him in the Head”

  1. Well, at least they are cute…that fact alone has saved many children fvrom the rath over over-tired parents.

    Keep smiling and they will eventually go off to college or get married…

    Love you,

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