Happy Dyslexia to those who count down

Well everyone, the site has changed..  and in Honor of this change I am vowing to attempt to keep up with Maria and Steven on posts.  Or at least with Steven!   Things in Cali have been going okay; a few spats with Sarah but overall, I really honestly can’t complain.  My car has been a really big issue just lately.  For the last 4 years I have had Air Conditioning, but no heat.  This last paycheck I took  it in and had my heater core replaced, so that I could defrost my windows without having to break off ice from my runny nose.  Well, mission accomplished, I was told to have my AC refilled at an alternate location, as they didn’t have a vacuum to complete the job.  I went to the  car place on base, and they hooked up my heater but claim that my AC has a screw broken off inside.  I informed them of the prior work, and they insist that Mechanic A must have broken it off.  When I returned to Mechanic A He angrily insists it must have been Mechanic B.  Mechanic A goes with me to speak with Mechanic B, and a week later they sustain that no one can prove it was broken when it left Mechanic A, nor that it was fixed when it came to Mechanic B.  So no one is responsible for my AC screw being broken, and now I have to pay another 800 $ in labor if I want AC again.    So I started with A.C. which I love, and heat which I could live without.. now 1000$ later.. I have no A.C. and have heater.   I hate life.

  The good news?  59 days left in the United States Marine Corps!