Can car salesmen really be trusted?

Alright so yesterday Jason and I, along with my family, decided to go visit some dealerships to see what they had as far as “newer” used cars went. My car just recently decided that it wanted to die and never be revived again. It was ready to go to car heaven, if there is such a place hee hee. It isn’t always easy borrowing a car to get to work. So we looked… There were a couple of cars that caught my eye at the first dealership but we all decided that it wasn’t smart to just grab something at the first place you look. So we went to lunch, made a call to a guy who normally would be able to give us a good deal on a car. We then soon found out that he didn’t have cars that fit what I was looking for so we made our way to the second dealership. I noticed right off that this place didn’t have quite as big of a selection as the first one but we went ahead and walked around, heard the pitch for every car, and decided that none of them were really going to work. When it was apparent that none of the cars were striking our fancy the salesman informed us that they had another lot just down the street with more cars if we would like to go look at them. I looked at Jason and he looked at me and we thought , why not? So off to the third location we went.

Once again, I wasn’t really impressed with anything they had there. Perhaps I’m a bit picky? That could be but there are two things that I really wanted to shoot for. A NEWER used car so that it would most likely last a while for Jason and I, and secondly that it isn’t black. Why should the color matter? Well come live with Jason and I this summer for week and you will know why I would prefer to have White or some light color :). Needless to say… I was a bit down. I had wanted to go home with a new car but I wasn’t going to be foolish and just pick something that wasn’t good for what Jason and I needed. Right when we were about to leave this third location the salesman brought out some kind of a higher boss to “talk” to us. He then gave his pitch about how he would be able to find a car that would be exactly what we wanted. When he found out that Jason and I were engaged,and really didn’t have any money, he told us about this one car that he would be willing to sell to us since he knew we were in need of something on the lower cost end that was dependable. Here was the clincher… it was back at that other lot! I didn’t really trust this guy’s overwhelming desire to give us a break but oh well, “we might as well look”, I thought to myself.

The car was actually quite nice. You could definitely tell that it was a newer car and it didn’t appear to have anything broken on the inside. Jason and I also took it for a test drive and it drove pretty nice. Was it my favorite? No and Jason saw that on my face so we all had a pow wow. Both Jason and my dad thought that we should first see if we could get the first dealership to come down any on the car I actually liked. So that is where we are now; in the midst of seeing who can come down the lowest.

I’ve got my fingers crossed!!!!!! 🙂

Happy Dyslexia to those who count down

Well everyone, the site has changed..  and in Honor of this change I am vowing to attempt to keep up with Maria and Steven on posts.  Or at least with Steven!   Things in Cali have been going okay; a few spats with Sarah but overall, I really honestly can’t complain.  My car has been a really big issue just lately.  For the last 4 years I have had Air Conditioning, but no heat.  This last paycheck I took  it in and had my heater core replaced, so that I could defrost my windows without having to break off ice from my runny nose.  Well, mission accomplished, I was told to have my AC refilled at an alternate location, as they didn’t have a vacuum to complete the job.  I went to the  car place on base, and they hooked up my heater but claim that my AC has a screw broken off inside.  I informed them of the prior work, and they insist that Mechanic A must have broken it off.  When I returned to Mechanic A He angrily insists it must have been Mechanic B.  Mechanic A goes with me to speak with Mechanic B, and a week later they sustain that no one can prove it was broken when it left Mechanic A, nor that it was fixed when it came to Mechanic B.  So no one is responsible for my AC screw being broken, and now I have to pay another 800 $ in labor if I want AC again.    So I started with A.C. which I love, and heat which I could live without.. now 1000$ later.. I have no A.C. and have heater.   I hate life.

  The good news?  59 days left in the United States Marine Corps!