Stressful and yet…exciting!

I have always heard others talk about how stressful planning a wedding can be.  Jason and I are only in the beginning stages and have already hit a wall.  Thankfully…we have successfully climbed it and are now on the other side.  Yes, our official date for the wedding is May 17!

The exciting side of planning: 

Invitation samples are on their way.  I was told recently to look on and see the invitations they have on there.  I found a couple that I liked so I ordered samples to be sent to me.  Hopefully they come in soon so Jason and I can take a look and see if any of them will work.

Sands of Hourglasses which slip away

my EAS tracker!!

Well I currently have less than 51 days left in the Marine Corps, and am happily looking forward to being free of this established government.  I was actually talk to a friend of mine the other day, and he asked me if the last 5 years has dragged or flown by.   I started to think about it and realized that I’m really not sure.  After a couple of hours of thinking about it, I came back to him and told him this.  “My time in the Marine Corps is very unaccounted for.”  Let me explain.  I have spent 9 months plus 7 months, in Iraq.  I have spent 2 months Plust 2 months, plus 2 weeks, Plus 5 days, in the field (as pest I can remember).. I spent 3 months in bootcamp..  So where were the other three years of my career?  I remember one deployment dragging, and the other FLYING by.. some parts were cool, other parts really sucking… but I have no clue what I did with three years of my enlistment.  I have gotten in many arguements over my attitude towards military life, but have come up with a central ground I think Steven, Dad, Russ, or anyone who has served would agree completely with.  The military is a good alternative for people who are going nowhere in life, or have little drive to get anywhere in life.  But what you need to get off your butt, isn’t a four year enlistment, all you really need is to address authority issues.  So my suggestion.. my middle ground.. is that I highly encourage anyone who needs to refind their focus.. their ambitions.. go off and join the reserves.   You will gain the military identity,  you will gain a work ethic, and you still have the majority of your freedom. 

              So..  just a little bit of time left.. and I’ll be off to college..   Just a little bit left and I’ll be married.. O.O    and..  I really have my family to thank for my success..  so thank all of you so very much for supporting me through these trying times.

  (May 17th is the day everyone.. start getting tickets, start stressing out,  and no.. we aren’t flipping the hour glass over..)

Absolutely Evil

OK, so I don’t use the word evil lightly.  I pretty much save that word for cultists, communists and clowns.  But I came across pure evil today.  Let me start off with a quick analogy.

Imagine you want to buy a toy.  You go to, and to compare prices.  You determine that has the best price, and start to buy it.  But NO, you can’t because has just purchased the sole right to sell that toy to you, and they bumped the price up 400%.  That is simply evil.

So what actually happened was that my mom wants me to set up a website for her.  I start shopping around for the cheapest price, and one of the places I checked the domain name at reserved the domain name for themselves.  They bought the domain name out from under me, based on a search I performed on their site!

So I called their customer service and threatened legal action based on the concept of domain squatting.   They promptly told me that it wasn’t that big of a deal, and they were performing a “service” to me by “saving” the domain just for me, so that someone else didn’t come along and buy it and try to sell it to me for an exorbitant amount of money.  It was worth $10 and they were trying to sell it to me for $50.  What does that sound like to you?

Anyways, I finally talked them into canceling their purchase of the domain, and got it through my own hoster for $10.

Evil  =)

If I Ever Meet Murphy, I’m Going to Shoot Him in the Head

Murphy’s law states that after waiting 2 months since the last date, after keeping Red Lobster gift certificates in your wallet for 7 weeks, after finally not only getting time off from work for both you and said husband, but also getting a babysitter, the babysitter will call on the phone directly after appetizers and tell you your children are sick, ruining not only your appetite, but also the date.

Murphy’s law also states that after being up all night with 2 sick, crying, unhappy children, after going to Wal-mart at 10pm for medicine, after waking up early to call the doctor’s office early to get an appointment, you will get to the doctor’s office and not only will both children have a perfect temperature, but the cough and runny noses will both have magically disappeared.


swallowed-fly.jpg ” Due to the ‘scary’  nature of this book, we advise you to use your own desgression while reading in the presence of children. “

 ——I only wish that message would have been attached to the book and I would have seen it before I read it!!!

As a preschool teacher I’m usually the one to read the children a story before nap time.  This usally helps them calm down a bit so that they can rest.  Today was different though, The book I chose wasn’t the best one for me to choose for this particular audience.  I guess it was a little too  scary for one of my students.  As soon as I read the book I left to go on my lunch break.  Not 5 min later I recieved a call on my cell phone due to a child crying uncontrollably with the fear of dying.  When I told him that he wouldn’t die unless he tried to swallow a horse (must read book to understand!) he told me that he was afraid that he was going to dream that he swallowed a horse and that he would die.  I tried to calm his fears the best I could.   WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT????

So.. I’m going to be a Rushing

Well, Hello everyone! My name is Sarah Ming and I am soon to become a Rushing. Yes yes yes, he finally asked me (I was about to have to take your advice Maria)! But let me tell you that when he walked in at 1:30 am that was the VERY last thing I thought he was doing. So let me tell you the whole story…

Well, Hello everyone! My name is Sarah Ming and I am soon to become a Rushing. Yes yes yes, he finally asked me (I was about to have to take your advice Märia)! But let me tell you that when he walked in at 1:30 am that was the VERY last thing I thought he was doing. So let me tell you the whole story…

This story begins by my trip to the far and distant place referred to as Oceanside. Jason and I had been planning all week that I would be coming up there to spend the weekend with him. I usually work until 5:30 pm as a preschool teacher of 2 and 3 year olds. On this particular Friday I was blessed enough to actually get off at 5:30, on the dot. So I literally ran home, grabbed my stuff, and left my house right at 6:00 pm. As I found myself hurrying around my house to get everything packed up after a long day of work, it came to me that I just might be able to surprise him a bit by showing up a little earlier than “planned”. Little did I know then that what turned out to be a pure-hearted intention became a huge stumbling block for the plans he had.

You all should have seen the look on his face when I walked in through the door. It wasn’t surprised, happy, or excited like I had hoped I would see, but instead it was a bit of disappointment and an “Oh no” look. I didn’t know exactly how to interpret that so I just chose to brush it off, give him a hug and say: “Surprise!” The rest of the evening went great. But it was soon going to become a night/early morning I will never forget.

I finally announced at about 1:15 am that I needed to go to bed or I would be totally useless Saturday. He agreed that we should both get some rest so I crawled into bed as he headed off towards the couch in the living room. He came back in briefly to “grab a pair of sweats and T-shirt” to sleep in. After he left the room for the second time I realized how bright the room was with both of his computer screens on and a candle still lit. So I sluggishly rolled out of bed and walked into the other room and asked if he could come turn them off for me. He said: “oh yeah, I was just about to come back in there.” I thought that was strange because we had already said our good nights… I found myself thinking: “why?” So I just went back in, curled up in bed and started drifting off into dreamland when…

I opened my eyes to find Jason sitting on the edge of the bed facing his computer desk with a guitar sitting in his lap. Believe me, part of me thought this a bit strange but the other part of me said “it’s Jason” and you guys probably know what I mean J . He then began to strum a quiet tune on the guitar, as quietly as he could, without waking up the other sleeping people in the house while I could still hear it.


He then pulled out a small white box and gave me the most adorable smile. I guess you can say that I had my freaking out moment saying “oh my gosh” and pulled the covers over my head. Let’s just say that I knew the question was coming for a while now, but never did I suspect that would have been the moment. But you know what? I wouldn’t want to change any of it. I am going to be marrying the man that I love, the man I respect, and the man I want to spend my entire life with. So you know what this means don’t you??????

I’m going to be a Rushing!!!!!!


P. S. And you guys all have to listen to me now 🙂

It would take months!

So Jason posted a bunch of links to online time wasters, and I was at work and in need of a time waster, so I tried some of his out.  I found that most of his comics were quite fun and funny, but required quite a bit of dedication just to get caught up.  As an example, one of my favourites was Giant in the Playground.  I read and read and read, and got all the way up to like comic 40 something.  Just on a lark I thought I would see how much farther I had to go until I was “caught up”.  I had a long ways to go.  The current comic is comic #533.  Whow.  That would just take a long time.

But if you have a moment, it is a funny comic.  =)  Thanks Jason!