And We’re Back

So our computer went on the fritz and it took awhile to get another one. It was really rather annoying. I’m not sure what we all did before computers. No sarcasm intended, I’m totally serious here. I NEED Hotmail, Facebook and Google. Google is amazing BTW. LOVE it. Anyways we went to Kauai and met up with my parents and my grandparents. This was the first time my grandparents had met the girls actually. So it was pretty exciting. We did some fun things and sat around and chatted a lot too.


Great-Grandpa sitting on a train. We went on tour of this plantation that told the history of some of the agriculture of Kauai. It was actually pretty interesting. The girls said the best part of this was getting out and feeding the piggies (ie the wild boars).


Grandpa Russ, Grandma Pam and Seporah at the Waimea Canyon. This scared the snot out of me. What you can’t see is the little fence directly behind Grandpa Russ and the VERY steep drop off directly behind that. Scared the snot out of me I’ll tell you what.


Daddy and Seporah laughing at a blowhole. Essentially the wave came in through these caves where there was an opening that blasted the water through the top. Making it looked like there was a whale blowing water out. The girls said it was dolphins doing it.


Behind the condo where we were staying. We got to watch the sunset over the water, it was quite beautiful to watch the sun go to sleep.


Felicity playing at the blowhole.


Great Grandma Yeske and Grandma Pam. You can definitely tell they’re mother and daughter.


And one more mother-daughter shot, just a different set.

Dress Up at Target


Just in case you don’t this about me, I can totally rock a fedora or cloche. Seriously. When I’m at a store and put one on, people I’m with do a double take because I actually look good in hats. I have quit wearing them since the ones I have gotten messed up by Thing 1 and Thing 2. So I don’t usually wear them in public anymore. However I saw a huge selection of them at Target and had to try on one that was oh so cute. I really, really wanted it, but decided the black cloche with black feathers and black flower off to the side would just get ruined along with the other ones. While I’m doing this my little love bugs decide they’re going to play dress up too. The above outfit was all Seporah and if you’ll notice the big Hollywood sunglasses are over the top of her regular glasses. It was adorable. Felicity played dress up too, but my cellphone doesn’t capture extremely wiggly/running 3 year olds, only 4 year olds willing to hold still for 10 seconds.

Meant to Write This a While Ago, But Life Happened

So those witch outfits we got, Felicity wore them every single day for 3 weeks straight. Inside the house of course, not outside. Then the day comes when Felicity and I get to go to Halloween party. I totally talk it up and go to get her costume and “No, I Not Wear My Costume!” Ok, that’s fine, I’ll put it in my bag, I’m sure when she sees everyone else wearing their’s she’ll want to put it on. We get there and there’s about 40 children under the age of 5 (along with their mommies). Felicity still wouldn’t put on the costume. We play for a couple of hours and it’s time for the costume parade, still wouldn’t put on the costume, “Where’s my princess costume?” I look around and pretty much every little girl is some sort of fairy or princess and she was insanely jealous. Another little friend said Felicity could wear her crown, so she put it on and sulked. So lesson learned: little girls really don’t want to be witches (even though they pretty much are), they really want to be princesses.


Long Rambling Story of How Seporah Now Looks Like My Little Nerd

I should start out with a couple of days ago I was extremely freaking out. Now I’m still freaking out, but no where near as much. This story also really started a couple of years ago, well really a little over a year. Seporah has a tough time with eye contact to begin with, so we honestly didn’t notice anything wrong with her eyes until about a little over a year ago. We noticed that occasionally her left eye wouldn’t look at you when you she was talking. I brought her to 6 different optometrists to get her eyes checked out, each saying the same exact thing they wouldn’t check her eyes until she was 5 year old and no there’s not a pediatric optometrist on the island who does. After the 6th one (Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Clubs, and 3 private ones), I figured I better just wait until she was 5 and then I would get it looked at.

The past couple of months though it’s gotten worse, so I decided to just make an appointment and see if they would care that she was only 4 years 10 months. They didn’t question us until we walked into the appointment, but let us see the optometrist anyways. The optometrist very nicely sat down and talked to us for about 15 minutes, but didn’t look into Seporah’s eyes or make her look at a chart. The optometrist told me she couldn’t help us, but that she knew who could. Apparently what I actually needed was a pediatric opthamologist (hello, that would have been nice to know a year ago, they could see I don’t wear glasses and probably don’t know the difference, I’ve actually only been to an optometrist once in my entire life that I know about). So after talking for 15 minutes and not looking into Seporah’s eyes, she very calmly told me she didn’t think Seporah could see out of her left eye. I laughed and totally dismissed her, but thanked her for the number of who I was suppose to call.

We got an appointment with the opthamologist after talking to a few people, including insurance. Get there and I was informed insurance had not completed the necessary paperwork and would we like to reschedule until they could. I thought about it ($275 is a lot of money), but figured since we had been wanting an appointment for quite some time I would just pay it. We get in there and Seporah goes to read the chart, she puts on the special glasses that cover up the left eye and starts reading. She didn’t do so well, but I figured oh well maybe that’s just because she was only using one eye.

And then we covered the right eye, so she was suppose to read with the left eye. “I can’t read it, there’s a black spot on my eyes,” she said while pointing to her right eye. At this point I think I was breaking out in cold sweats and possibly hyperventilating as I’m remembering what the optometrist had said. She could not see out of her left eye. Holy crap. And I had no idea.

So what actually happened is her left eye has probably always worked very, very, very poorly and eventually her brain stopped recognizing it at all. So she’s blind in her left eye without there being any actually physical damage. And to top it off her right eye doesn’t work so well either (BTW, thinking this is why teaching her to read has been such a struggle).

Her right eye is 100/20 and her left eye is worse than 400/20. Her prescription for lenses is right eye +3.25 and left eye +7.5 (and a couple other things that I can’t understand at all). Apparently her lenses are extremely rare and difficult to make (please read very expensive). Steven had to go to 3 different stores before he found one that had a set of lenses (read “a” as in one) that could be made without special ordering. They actually called in their best lens crafter to do them on his day off since none of the other lens crafters felt comfortable doing it.

She seems to like them ok, we just said she was going to be cool like Daddy and we’ve totally hyped them up. I’m worried about how she’s going to do in school, ESPECIALLY in 6 weeks when we have to patch her right eye to try and make the brain recognize the left one more. Found this site where we’re going to get the patches, I thought they were pretty cute, way better than the pirate patches you can get at Wal-mart.


Like ‘em, she picked ‘em out with Daddy

I Swear I Tried Really, Really Hard

It’s a good thing she’s in Kindergarden, I would hate for my daughter to get laughed at due to her mother’s essentially nonexistent hair styling skills. My mom actually did my hair every single morning until I hit 7th grade. It was a shock to my system when my 11 year old self realized she couldn’t even put her hair in a ponytail. I mean I eventually figured it out, but I never really advanced my hair styling skills very far. And for the past 5 years or so, it’s mostly been pretty short. And for the past 3 months or so, it’s been very, very short (see here for my tween inspiration that takes about 30 seconds in the morning time). Anyways she loved her very beautiful hair (FYI, she was also the one who insisted on the bows, it was either that or marbles, you know the kind that go into black girls hair and well that wasn’t happening).
P.S. Also trying to figure out how to get pictures from the new interface iPhoto to the webpage (or anywhere for that matter) is annoying, so sorry about the weird out of focus pictures, it’s actually a screenshot.