Better Hurry.

My day begins with tired eyes
I want to stay in bed.
I have too much to do today
the list lives in my head.

I have to spend half of my day
pretending that I’ve heard
the drawn out plans of how to plan
and write it word for word.

The second half I try to fix
the things that broke last night.
When all is fixed, it’s half past 6.
I’ll never get it right.

And so I pour more of my time
to try to get things done.
Each day I race against the clock
in hopes that I have won.

Last week it was a simple play
tonight a simple game
next week t’wil be a dance routine
next month more of the same.

They grow. They watch. They learn. They leave.
so slowly day by day.
I toil. I grind. I plan. I work.
The days just slip away.

One day I’ll wake. I’ll wake to find.
my time is now my own.
I’ll rush straight home straight to my girls
I’ll find that they’ve all grown.

They’ll have no time. No time for me.
No time to talk or play.
Their lives so full. So full of chase.
They’ll run from day to day.

I’ll sit and watch them run away
so mindless of the clock.
I’ll grow. I’ll age. I’ll waste away.
We never think to stop.


I read the words. I read on cue.
I read what others have said is true.
They must be right they are long dead.
Why must their words stick in my head?

Which one said this?  Which one said that?
They talk and talk so much chitchat.
My mind is filled there’s no more space.
We’ll empty out and just replace.

Impending Anxiety

Hey everyone!  It’s been such a long time in coming, but we just found out that the court hearing has been scheduled.  For those of you who do not know,  Sarah and I have been fostering two beautiful, amazing girls.  Their mother’s parental rights are at stake at this court hearing.  If the judge denies her appeal then the girls will be available for adoption.  If they approve her appeal then the state goes back to trial.   Pray for us.. this could all be over really soon.

God Bless Texas :-)

Monday, Sarah and I took the girls out to go see the Belton 4th of July parade. I haven’t seen a parade in probably 2 years. The first thing I did was teach L how to sign parade in ASL. She picked it right up. It was incredibly hot outside, and I was really glad my wonderful wife had the forethought to bring a ton of liquids.

The heat was well worth putting up with when car 122 came around. About 90% of the cars in the parade brought forth a cheer and clapping; the other 10% didn’t deserve them. Some Civic theatre had reproduced the famous V-J kiss moment. That was definitely one of my favorites. The 10% that didn’t deserve it was a group of thugs that had souped up cars blaring incredibly inappropriate sexually explicit music.   There was one more falling into this category.. and the events that unfolded around it were AWESOME. 

Car 122 was a van with words written in big letter on the side.  “Bell County Democrats”  *cricket* *cricket*

Seriously.. silence fell over the entire crowd as they passed by.   There were even a few ‘boos’ from the crowd.  The floats were so close together that I was still hearing the boos of the next group about 10 feet away to the left of us when the crowd erupted in cheering.

What was everyone cheering about?

Someone had put them back to back.. the next float was “Central Texas Tea Party”   

God Bless Texas… It’s great to be home

Real Life Text Messages from the last 24 hours

Sarah> I am praying 4 you now on my break. And thank you for hte drink it is a special treat. I have your green card. Love you
Jason> Crap. Hope I don’t get pulled over… might get deported.

(my extraco bank card is solid green.. Sarah and I constantly call it ‘your green card’ or ‘my green card’)

Holly> Hey, I need help looking for books or legit info that isn’t hollywood crap about vampires. Do you know a book that I can find that could help me?
Jason> You want me to find legit info on a mythical race?
Holly> thanks for the txt. I hadn’t realized what I was asking for. I’d settle for nonhollywood information on vampires.
Jason> I’m sure if I found any legit info on Vampires… they’d make me join the ranks.
Holly> If you start ordering your steaks rare our friendship is over.

Great.. a Liberal in my house…

Right before the 2010 elections, I went in with a buddy to buy 100 copies of the U.S. Constitution.  We passed them around campus and urged people take the election period seriously.  I still have about 10 of them.  They keep wandering around the house.

I got back late last night from drill and went straight to bed.  This morning I woke up and came into the man cave (the spare bedroom used exclusively as a computer room)  and found that my dachshund chose my personal copy of the constitution (a booklet about 2inches by 6 inches long)  to take a crap on…

I’m officially blocking msnbc from my television.. I don’t know what left winger is responsible for corrupting my dog, but I’m not taking any chances.

Today’s Children say the Darndest:

I was making Dinner today when My oldest (whom we will simply call ‘L’ for legal reasons), L, put me back in my place.

(I’m cooking.. L comes in the room…)

L: Black! Black! (she points to the Spatula in my hand)
Me: Yeah, L, it is black. This is called a SPACHOOLA. Can you say SPACHOOLA?
L: Black! Black!
Me: Yes.. it is a Black SPACHOOLA! Can you say SPACHOOLA?
L: Black SPoaisjdfkajsfkLA (this means she got the first and last letter right.. but everything else was gibberish)
L: SPweoijwoeijfLA
*She starts to leave the Kitchen towards her room*
Me: *sigh* You aren’t very good at this are you? (more to myself than anything)

From the hall I hear:
L: YOU aren’t very good at this!

A Sarcastic 3 year old.. who knew, eh?