Please Lord, Don’t Blame Me For Rewriting the Scriptures so I Could Get a Little More Sleep

Let’s be realistic. The scriptures can be not very entertaining sometimes and other times they can be down right boring. Especially when you’re a young child. As a parent you’ve really got to amp these stories up to help get your children’s attention. Last night Felicity was far more interested in anything else, to include the carpet hairs. We were at a chapter that discusses Jerusalem being destroyed. In desperation to get Felicity to listen I used some major sound effects, if I had a strobe light, I would have used that too. And if I had 7 or 8 year boys I’m sure they would have loved it. But my 3 year old girl was not impressed. Seporah on the other hand was apparently listening very intently.

I tucked them into bed afterwards, and I proceeded to crawl into mine. I hear Seporah sobbing, “Mommy! Mommy!” Of course I crawl back out to go see what the problem was. She’s shaking in her bed and said, “I close my eyes and see pictures of Jerusalem being destroyed.” …Whoops… Let’s retract that last story. I then retold the story to include a VERY happy ending with rainbows and butterflies. “Is that how it really happen?” “Yes Seporah, exactly like that. Now it’s time for bed.” And then tucked Jessie, Rapunzel, Bunny Rushing, Curious George, and Blankie Bear in with her, gave her a hug and kiss and said good night. Crossing my fingers that that would work. No such luck. About 2 minutes later I open my eyes again to see Seporah standing next to my bed. “I still close my eyes and see pictures of Jerusalem being destroyed.” She ended up sleeping with me last night.

Various Facebook Updates for the Non-Facebook People

Our water’s out, so I told Felicity the toilet wouldn’t flush today, “Oh, the toilet’s out of batteries?”

Actual quote by the weather lady on the radio this morning, “High today is 78 degrees. It’s a little cold, but remember it is winter time.”

Felicity pooped in the potty! Oh happy day! I’ve changed diapers every day for 4 years, 11 months and 15 days, I am sooo ready to be done with them 🙂

Felicity talking into a toy phone, “Hi Naomi! Hi Naomi’s Mommy! You come to Seporah’s party?… Oh no!… Please!!!

Mom: How many times have I told you to put on your house slippers? Seporah: Um, 6? Dad: How many times should Mom have to tell you? Seporah: 7

Seporah: I don’t like breakfast, I don’t like lunch, I only like snacks. Mom: The problem with only eating snacks is you don’t get the right nutrients. Seporah: I don’t like nutrients.

Ack! Just caught Seporah singing Justin Beiber’s Baby, Baby, Baby Oh! He has officially taken over.

Actual quote by some random guy in the elevator, “You’re really beautiful, except for the short hair. That’s too bad because I really love long hair.”

On the Plus Side, Plain Exhaustion Has Helped Me In the Weight Loss Department

-We started patching Seporah’s eye a few days ago. We discussed with the opthamologist and she said we’d probably be doing it for 1-2 years based on her current exam. Right now we’re only doing it 3 hours a day though, so thankfully she doesn’t have to go to school with it on.

-Steven’s now able to walk around with relatively no pain, hopefully sometime by February he’ll be able to run again.

-Christmas came early here. We’ve been using our USAA card for 5 years racking up points apparently. We didn’t know it, but you can trade in the points for gift cards. I was not planning on getting the girls anything (grandparent’s are the bomb, so they had some things), but now I’ve got all these gift cards for Walmart and Target. It was totally sweet let me tell you.

-Felicity pooped in the potty 2 times this week! So excited to be almost done with the diapering stage of our life.

-Seporah got the Good Citizen of the Quarter at school! Super proud of her. She also did a school performance of Brown Bear, Brown Bear a couple of weeks ago that Steven (wink, wink) needs to put up.

-We actually sent out Christmas cards this year. Steven designed them and we both mailed them out. It’s a good thing Steven took the initiative because if it had up to me, it just wouldn’t have happened. Good intentions are just that intentions.

Seporah Owns More High Heels Than Her Mother

Not that that was a difficult accomplishment considering I own none. But it’s still kinda funny to think about. Steven took the girls out and got the Christmas outfits to go get their picture taken with Santa and apparently Seporah insisted on the black high heels to go with. They are super cute. Felicity’s were black with little frogs on them in case you were wondering.

And We’re Back

So our computer went on the fritz and it took awhile to get another one. It was really rather annoying. I’m not sure what we all did before computers. No sarcasm intended, I’m totally serious here. I NEED Hotmail, Facebook and Google. Google is amazing BTW. LOVE it. Anyways we went to Kauai and met up with my parents and my grandparents. This was the first time my grandparents had met the girls actually. So it was pretty exciting. We did some fun things and sat around and chatted a lot too.


Great-Grandpa sitting on a train. We went on tour of this plantation that told the history of some of the agriculture of Kauai. It was actually pretty interesting. The girls said the best part of this was getting out and feeding the piggies (ie the wild boars).


Grandpa Russ, Grandma Pam and Seporah at the Waimea Canyon. This scared the snot out of me. What you can’t see is the little fence directly behind Grandpa Russ and the VERY steep drop off directly behind that. Scared the snot out of me I’ll tell you what.


Daddy and Seporah laughing at a blowhole. Essentially the wave came in through these caves where there was an opening that blasted the water through the top. Making it looked like there was a whale blowing water out. The girls said it was dolphins doing it.


Behind the condo where we were staying. We got to watch the sunset over the water, it was quite beautiful to watch the sun go to sleep.


Felicity playing at the blowhole.


Great Grandma Yeske and Grandma Pam. You can definitely tell they’re mother and daughter.


And one more mother-daughter shot, just a different set.

Dress Up at Target


Just in case you don’t this about me, I can totally rock a fedora or cloche. Seriously. When I’m at a store and put one on, people I’m with do a double take because I actually look good in hats. I have quit wearing them since the ones I have gotten messed up by Thing 1 and Thing 2. So I don’t usually wear them in public anymore. However I saw a huge selection of them at Target and had to try on one that was oh so cute. I really, really wanted it, but decided the black cloche with black feathers and black flower off to the side would just get ruined along with the other ones. While I’m doing this my little love bugs decide they’re going to play dress up too. The above outfit was all Seporah and if you’ll notice the big Hollywood sunglasses are over the top of her regular glasses. It was adorable. Felicity played dress up too, but my cellphone doesn’t capture extremely wiggly/running 3 year olds, only 4 year olds willing to hold still for 10 seconds.