Fast Failed Miserably

Well, I probably already should have known this, but I really should not try to fast the night of a big UFC event. Or perhaps the worthier statement is I shouldn’t watch a UFC event the night of a fast. Honestly, staying up and watching UFC isn’t compatible with a spirit of fasting for anyone, but especially for me, as just staying up after bedtime makes me want to eat, and it didn’t help that we had leftover Olive Garden in the fridge.  I made the Orthodox fast though, as it starts at midnight and ends at the Eucharist.

I did thoroughly enjoy UFC 195, even if I thought poor Carlos Condit was robbed by the split decision for Robbie Lawler. I like Robbie too though, didn’t want to see either lose.

I started the day today in prayer, but Phillip was calling “I have to go potty” about halfway through, and I never finished. Once you start with the kiddos in the morning, personal time is over. We went to church this morning, and then came home.  I made spaghetti for lunch, read “I am a hug monster” for Phillip again (must be up to 10 times now) and then Seporah and I worked on her science fair project. It was a pretty good day.

I heard the readings during Liturgy, and just now read them again. The first 8 verses of Mark, and part of 2 Timothy 4, where Paul speaks of fighting the good fight and finishing the race. I hope one day to be able to speak with the same confidence concerning my standing before Christ.

I also read a good portion of the first chapter of “Beginning to Pray”. It is especially touching when the author says that God is not some robot, that you say the right words and he is suddenly giving you wonderful spiritual experiences. We must foster a relationship with God, nurture it. We cannot expect Him to be right there for the 5 minutes a day we ask for His Presence, if we ignore him the other 23 hours and 55 minutes during the day when he requests our attention.

Added 1045pm – I stayed up, watched DutchBoyd stream poker on Twitch.  I really enjoy watching him play.  He came in 14th out of 145 folk, and took home something like $375, although I am not sure what the buy-in was. Had very abbreviated prayers tonight, didn’t want to wake up Märia to go get a book. Time for bed.

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  1. Very well put. Thank you for starting up with the blog, I was missing hearing about the family.

  2. I didn’t realize anyone still looked here. Turns out you get notifications for blog entries, so I guess you weren’t “checking” =) Either way, I guess that makes you my only reader. Don’t tell folk. Nothing secret here, it is the wide-open internet =) I am just not advertising. If folk check it out, great! If folk want to comment, great! I am always up for a conversation. I am just not advertising if that makes sense. =)

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