CCNA, Metric and a Broken Back

10603293_10152842149783917_4808279065670287141_nSo I broke my back. I will probably post pictures of my MRI showing the broken vertebrae later on. It isn’t pleasant. I am in pain pretty much always, although Motrin and Tylenol help. My wonderful wife has been her usual wonderful self. She takes care of me and the kids, and will start working at Midland Memorial Hospital the 15th of December.

I am studying for the CCNA which I hope to take in January.  I am hoping to snag a job with CoNetrix as soon as my back heals up enough that I can really work.  They offered me a job just after my back broke, but I did not yet know how bad it was, and when I found out and told them they thought it best for me wait for it to heal up before I get started.  I am not sure if the job will be waiting on me, but I certainly hope so.

I am listening to Metric and Anthem Lights recently.  Last book I read was Visitors by Orson Scott Card.  I finished it maybe 2 weeks ago, read it on my Kindle.  I have been watching too much Arrow and kept up with Castle and Brooklyn Nine Nine.  Most everything else has fallen by the wayside with my sleeping a lot while I heal and studying when I am awake.  Pray for me to heal and get back to providing for the family.

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