God Bless Texas :-)

Monday, Sarah and I took the girls out to go see the Belton 4th of July parade. I haven’t seen a parade in probably 2 years. The first thing I did was teach L how to sign parade in ASL. She picked it right up. It was incredibly hot outside, and I was really glad my wonderful wife had the forethought to bring a ton of liquids.

The heat was well worth putting up with when car 122 came around. About 90% of the cars in the parade brought forth a cheer and clapping; the other 10% didn’t deserve them. Some Civic theatre had reproduced the famous V-J kiss moment. That was definitely one of my favorites. The 10% that didn’t deserve it was a group of thugs that had souped up cars blaring incredibly inappropriate sexually explicit music.   There was one more falling into this category.. and the events that unfolded around it were AWESOME. 

Car 122 was a van with words written in big letter on the side.  “Bell County Democrats”  *cricket* *cricket*

Seriously.. silence fell over the entire crowd as they passed by.   There were even a few ‘boos’ from the crowd.  The floats were so close together that I was still hearing the boos of the next group about 10 feet away to the left of us when the crowd erupted in cheering.

What was everyone cheering about?

Someone had put them back to back.. the next float was “Central Texas Tea Party”   

God Bless Texas… It’s great to be home

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  1. Meanwhile, in blue states Independence Day parades are being called right-wing propaganda… I really miss the real America. Honestly though, except for their gross crassness (worse than the Army) Marines are a pretty conservative bunch!

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