School, Social Networking and my Knee

Things sure are slow around here. Märia has pretty much moved over to Facebook exclusively. It is just way easier to post a 2-4 sentence funny episode with the kids. A blog post just seems to entail a longer, more time intensive project than a Facebook status update. Jason has posted a few funny anecdotes, and I haven’t said much. Life gets busy.

So school is going fine. I am taking four history classes and an anthropology class. My history classes are focusing on Nazi Germany, Europe since 1945, East Asia in Antiquity and Modern East Asian Economy (joint History/Business course). Anthropology is about what you would expect.

So my knee is fine now. The doc gave me meds and it cleared up remarkably quickly. I haven’t run on it since the last time it swelled up on me, but I intend to run on it again soon. If it swells again then I may be done running. We shall see…

I am not sure what I am going to do about this site… Part of me wants to set up a plugin that automagically moves facebook/flickr/twitter/whatever updates to this page and part of me wants to archive it (as the old pages are archived above^^^) and provide links to our various Facebook/etc social networking sites…

We shall see…

3 thoughts on “School, Social Networking and my Knee”

  1. I really miss the fact that you guys haven’t been posting. I’m a facebook holdout. Maria’s cards have been a lifesaver – they always come when I am MOST in need. I can’t thank you guys enough. I love you.

  2. I really love this blog, too! However, I know how life gets busy so do what you must. I am glad to hear school is going well. Any updates on when you graduate?

    We miss all of you and look forward to seeing you in September.

    Grandpa Russ…

  3. I thurowly understand That life takes hard is it to do the plug in? It would be cool if we could get all the snipits of your life in one place. specily for someone like me that has never figured out twitter, myspsce and facebook

    I love you

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