We Played Dress Up Today

As you can see we had 2 little witches in the house all day! When I took them to get costumes I had not actually planned on getting them witch outfits. Seporah had decided she wanted to be Buzz Lightyear and Felicity had wanted to be a “princess superhero.” I was like ok we’ll go with that. So I pick out one of each of their decisions (the princess superhero BTW was a superhero outfit with a matching tiara, just in case you were wondering) and the girls saw ALL these costumes!!!! So many fun choices! Felicity was the first to decide she wanted to be a witch and I gave her the choice between the 2 and she insisted on the witch. Seporah then shortly followed suit, ditching Buzz somewhere between the fairy outfits and princess outfits (not where it belongs BTW since I found it in the boy’s section).

Then we got home and they just HAD to try them on. They told me I was going to be a witch too and I drug out my old witch’s gown. BTW, I totally love this costume, had it FOREVER. It’s cute and stretches to whatever size I am, when I was size 4 (a very, very, very long time ago) or when I was just 11 days away from giving birth. Seporah insisted my hood was NOT a witch’s hat and I needed to get another one from the store. I told her that probably wasn’t going to happen.

They also have matching buckets that they picked out (I swear I did not color coordinate them, they did it themselves, 2 points each for a sense of style). When Daddy came home I told them to tell him what they say on Halloween.
Felicity: “Christmas Tree!!!”
Seporah: “No, you say “Pumpkin Treat!!!”
We just laughed and said either would probably get them what they wanted since they were so gosh darn cute!







5 thoughts on “We Played Dress Up Today”

  1. All 3 of you are really cute! I love that the girls have pink and blue ribbons.

    Happy Halloween!

    Love you

  2. OMG, this is the best looking bunch of witches I think I have ever seen! Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! OR ELSE!

    Love you guys, Grandpa Russ

  3. Oh my goodness! All three of you are just TOO CUTE! It doesn’t matter WHAT they say when they ring the doorbell, everyone will fall in love with them, and offer all they have. Happy Halloween!

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