Historical Riddle

Smeared with dung and tar
 a strange disgrace.
reefer to slip
 survival under the down
we start to pray
leadership to our namesake
  returning a month too late
giving up irrecoverable gift to one
  so it will not be stolen by many

Hayes not dead,
  sustinance obtained.
Fight for resources
  not many remain…

Pels is here
  it’s time to race
my boytoy’s hanged
  his plan gon awry

The real question is..

   Who am I?

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I have no idea how this guy isn’t syndicated » « Going to Kauai!


  1. Did you make this up yourself? I thought about it and thought about it and googled the heck out of each line, and i just can’t figure it out!

  2. Hint:

    Famous Mutiny

    Smeared with dung and tar
    a strange disgrace. (this girl was)
    reefer to slip (hit a corral reef)
    survival under the down (“under the down”… down under)
    we start to pray

    A girl that was ‘disgraced’ by being smeared with dung and tar… on a ship that hit a corral reef in Australia

    The rest should be pretty easy. Do you feel that that riddle was unsolvable without better context?

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