I went poopy in the potty, and now I have a tummy ache, and Daddy is a horrible daddy

So I was doing my “poopy dance”, as Dad calls it, and  he noticed, and told me to “go poopy in the potty”.  Now I know better than to poopy on the floor or in the bed, and I hold it as long as I can in my diaper, but why would I want to poopy in the potty?  But I did what I was told, and went and sat on the potty.  I must have been there forever (dad edit: 5 minutes) before dad comes in and gave me a cookie.  I don’t like sitting on the potty too long, but Dad said I could eat cookies as long as I sat on the potty.  We made peanut butter cookies earlier and I already had eaten 2, and knew they were nummy.  So I didn’t mind sitting as long as I got to eat them.  I sat there and ate cookies and cookies and cookies, almost as many as when I steal the whole bag and go to the closet to eat them!  I ate 7 more cookies before the strangest thing happened.  The poopies went down into the potty!  Dad went beserk, hugging me and clapping and telling me what a good girl I was.  He made me look in the potty and then wash my hands and put my special potty away.  I can’t believe my Daddy lied to me; I wasn’t done eating cookies and he told me I could sit there until I was done!  Then another strange thing happened.  My tummy started hurting, bad!  So I went to my bed and laid down and whined a bit, telling Daddy my tummy hurt.  Dad told me to just tell the whole world how horrible life was and how bad a daddy he was, and I thought I heard sarcasm in his voice, but I did what he said anyway and came and wrote for you all to read!

One thought on “I went poopy in the potty, and now I have a tummy ache, and Daddy is a horrible daddy”

  1. Wow, Seporah! Good place to put the poopies, but I am sorry it took 7 cookies to get there and you got a tummy ache.

    Hugs and Kisses,
    Grandma Pam

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