Blast from the Past

Yeah, so you guys have heard that Märia and I ran the Great Aloha Run. This was my second year to run it and it was just as nice this year! More so even, because I ran it with my wonderful wife. Märia really did great! I was really impressed. She ran the first 2.5 straight, and we probably ended up running (jogging) 5.5 of the 8 miles. And she had no previous running experience! WooHoo to her.

So this post is entitled “Blast from the Past”. Here are some pictures from the run, and last years pictures of me running!

picture-1.png picture-2.png picture-4.png

And last year’s Great Aloha Run post.

2 thoughts on “Blast from the Past”

  1. Way to go, 8 miles is amazing. And 2.5 miles straight. WOW! For a first time that is super.

    I could not run .5 miles let alone what you are doing.

    You will be ready for that Marathon in no time.



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