Super Woman Confessions

I only shave my legs every 6 weeks or so, my hair’s blond anyways.

I eat ice cream out of the container, but only when my husband’s not at home.

I can’t walk in high heels, and consequently own none.

I love getting pedicures, but have never had a manicure. It always seems pointless as a nurse where I wash my hands 10 times an hour at least.

My husband’s a better cook than me.

I have terrible handwriting, most people mistake it for a guy’s.

Not a single day goes by where I don’t eat chocolate.

I think romance novels are pathetic, the women in them are all airheads.

Romance movies though…well the sappier the better.

I think men who have all those muscles and six packs are really disgusting. All I can see is someone who immortalizes themselves, yuck.

My husband was the one who told me Britney Spear’s little sister was pregnant. I just don’t keep up with all the celebrities, at all, nor do I really care.

The only make-up I wear anymore is mascara, I don’t seem to have time for anything else.

I grew my hair long for my husband, not for me.

I wish I had a huge walk in closet that was completely filled with shoes, just shoes. You can never go wrong with shoes. Even if you’ve still got 18 pounds to go (and you’ve had 18 pounds to go for 3 months now). It’s just all about the shoes.

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