Super Mom Confessions

I let Seporah eat raisins off the floor and the ground and I don’t even try to stop her anymore.

I let Felicity cry in the swing when I can’t seem to do anything right, sometimes for quite some time.

Seporah eats more than the recommended amount of candy by a lot (so does her mom).

Felicity has tasted ice cream.

The television plays more than 1-2 hours a day some days.

Even though I work in a demanding job, I enjoy the break from the house (and adult conversation).

I no longer try to scrub out the stains in Seporah’s shirts.

Felicity only gets 3 baths a week, but she probably needs more.

I let Seporah draw all over herself now without taking away the pen or marker, I just wash it off eventually.

When Seporah throws fits I can’t stop, she goes in her crib until she can say “sorry” and “all done,” sometimes that can take a lot longer than expected.

I’ve said “SHUT UP!” to the girls more than once.

My kitchen floor hasn’t been properly cleaned since my dad did it when he came 3 months ago.

4 thoughts on “Super Mom Confessions”

  1. Its called being a MOM!

    Believe me., we have all done the above. I would look at someone strange, if they said they where perfect in raising two little ones.

    But they love you anyway,

    And we do too.

    Love ya,

    Grandma Deb

  2. Diddo…Grandma Deb! Remember it is not how clean the kids are or house is but how much they feel loved by the mom and dad.

    You’re doing a great job…keep it up!

    Love, Grandpa Russ

  3. I am sure you remember our house wasn’t always clean and I let you and your brothers climb the walls all the way to the vaulted ceiling. (That scared a few of my friends and relatives.) We also took time in the summers to visit Kaleidescope, the children’s museum, the candy factory, zoo, the library (usually a couple times each week), and play at the park.

    I wonder which YOU remember more: the dirty house or all the times with your mom that were fun?

    You know what’s important, and I think you do a bang up job of it. Dad is free to wash the floors for you anytime he makes it over if it makes you feel better (and Russ I KNOW you don’t mind me volunteering you 🙂

    BTW: I don’t remember limiting your TV time much either since we only got PBS usually.

    Love you bunches,

  4. You’re just more truthful than most, Maria. Being a parent is hard work, and there are times that in order to maintain sanity, you just put them in the crib or the swing, and run around the block. I did that many times! Please don’t feel alone . . . you are doing everything right. Love you! Lynda

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