TV – What are YOU watching?

I am watching more than I should. I have time to at work.

American Gladiators – This is the best show on television today. If you think this an insult to this or the other shows on TV, you are wrong. It takes the best of the original show, cuts the 80’s and early 90’s cheese, and adds just the right amount of Hulk and zing. I love this show.

Friday Night Lights – Small town Texas football with all the high school, sports, and family politics in tact. The show manages to show REAL people in all their facets. I love that it shows REAL christians without ever making them pious or hypocrites. This show is real.

Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles – The terminators were some of the best movies ever made (at least the first two). This prequel series is worthy of them. I just keep expecting them to kill off Summer Glau’s Terminator character. She steels every scene she is in.

Jericho – If you missed this last year, you missed a great show. In the first episode you see Denver destroyed by a nuclear explosion. And then it gets interesting. I am proud to say that I sent CBS nuts to uncancel this show. Several tons of nuts later, sent by fans all over the world, they got the message and brought the show back.

Lost – This is a show that you can’t let go of. The plot is ridiculous and the flash forwards aren’t much better. But I have invested too much over the last 3 seasons in the characters to let it go. I just hope they end it and wrap up all the loose ends this year.

Prison Break – I swore off this show at the end of Season 2. They had the perfect ending. It was going to end well, all the way up to the last minute of the season. And then they went and ruined it by letting him get caught again, and put in an even worse prison. But season 3 has proven a good show. Not good enough to make me glad that it exists; I still say they should have all gotten away at the end of season 2, but it is good enough to keep me hooked in. I just wish decisions were made based on what was best for the story, rather than what makes the most money.

The Moment of Truth – Stupidest show on television today. I saw 15 minutes or so. All I have to say is if you are part of the audience keeping this filth on television, go shoot yourself.

Yeah, there are a few other shows I wish I had time for, but this is all I see. Tell me what you are watching in the comments!

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