First Real Post

Ok, so we lost just about everything again. Yeah, I know it is annoying. It annoys me. I have spent the last several days getting this thing working again. Ugh.

So it was a bad harddrive complicated by some software incompatibilities caused by a mouse driver. Yeah, you heard that right. It was pretty much caused by a mouse driver. Talk about issues.

A lot has happened since we went offline, but I will let Märia fill you in on most of it.

But this is mostly a test. Hopefully the pictures and everything will work without much work on my part. These are pictures of the last time we went to the zoo.

100-43746.jpg 100-43226.jpg

4 thoughts on “First Real Post”

  1. Ouch; please tell me you had this backed up somewhere. A journal is a terrible thing to loose, and your guy’s comments are the best I have ever seen!

    Love you,

  2. Actually you can still see the other one, if you click the archive link on the right side of the screen. The only thing we lost was the last 2 weeks worth of the raw website, but it was backed up to the web (obviously) so we didn’t lose them permanently.

  3. How frustrating – I am so sorry you have to go to the extra work. But thank you for keeping us all updated. I love looking at the site. With Love, Lynda

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